A Product of the Self for all mankind

An excerpt from Tara Gentile’s blog, You are the New Economy:


“These are the operating principles of the You Economy:

The new economy is open source. You are the developer.

Individualism coexists with collectivism.

Competition is an opportunity for collaboration.

Court controversy. Challenge established norms.

Operate on the leading edge of your value & your values.

True profit is more expansive than monetary return.

Global is the new local. Community is connected through values, purpose, and affinity.

Meaning, experience, and intimacy are the most valuable objects of any product or service.

Entrepreneurship is citizenship.”

I’ve been saying this for years. At the same time i’ve been shooting myself in the foot when it came to properly motivating myself to move forward in the new economy.

There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound by shallows and in misery. [Julius Caesar]    (- See more at: http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15596/#sthash.iSh1zK0D.dpuf)

This quote i found a few years back and declares with certainty and clarity the accuracy of the plight of the individual who lives in the past, regretting the tides one was afraid to delve into and ride or the tides one did not recognize as being destined to shore them onto a beach of “tropical paradise” in the atmosphere of their life.

I could go back nearly 25 years and remember looking at the world through the eyes of an individualist with a capitalist mindset. True capitalism, not greed. Eleven years ago i was set to take the world by storm only to allow a father stuck in his particular paradigm to influence me to put down my dreams and hopes and live only in the moment. This led to many moments of fear, anger and regret.

I had such wonderful realizations regarding such things as sustainable innovation and alternative energy sources incorporated into such antiquated objects as an old windmill water pump that was replaced by an electric pump that could have been converted into a generator and the energy stored in a cottage that was never used. This could have been done with a relatively cheap overhead and generated a profit by putting power back into the grid. My father would hear none of it; he was too wrapped up in his lifestyle in Aruba to entertain spending his money on anything other than Columbian hookers and the casino.

Like a fool i set my dreams aside and spiraled into a bitterness that i thought could only be remedied by delving deeper into my own vices. This was a complete contradiction to every conviction i had set for myself. Eventually, knowing that i had betrayed myself, i set upon a path to utterly destroy myself; that the only guilt i could bear could be not what people saw in me or endeavored to bring to my attention, but the guilt that my burden was my own choice. I did this because i convinced myself, through three years of frustration with my father, that i deserved nothing for having betrayed my dreams, and that the world deserved nothing my mind could offer because it would only be met with rejection and skepticism.

Now, eight years hence, i stand, head held high, reborn and rejuvenated, ready not to take the world by storm, but to live, build and create within my own realm. And if i happen to profit from it financially, and as such would the world, so much the better.

The world is upon us. Has been for all of eternity. Technology is firmly rooted into our culture and existence. One can only embrace it. I know and see that it is astoundingly overwhelming to many. When my business goes public, my mission statement will be firmly rooted in the desire to lessen the enormity of that confusion for older generations and bridge the gap between the “old skool” hardliners and the new generation of auto-didactic entrepreneurs who are increasingly underestimated by the “old skoolers.” The enormity of this underestimation confounds me now that i am free again and see the tremendous potential, the resources of the mind that are about to spring forth are truly exciting. Seek, find, embrace!

I live with my nephew, Stevie James, and to look at him, if you don’t know him, you would see only a shaved head, mutton chopped, gauged eared, full-sleeve tattooed hooligan, if you’re of the old skool mentality. But to hear him speak of Economics and espouse his proclivity to envision the potential of the future, the hope and determination are infectious. To see his healthy diet and lifestyle and to hear the positivity he conveys daily are genuinely inspiring!

Take the time to step outside of your norm, your paradigm. Find someone you would otherwise not go out of your way to encounter or become acquainted with. On a majority basis, i’m finding, you’ll be profoundly amazed at how truly connected these youth are with the realities of the world and the things, old skool paradigms, which inhibit and prohibit laissez faire economy. The paranoia and distrust, for having not stepped outside of your boundaries to understand the youth of today, and respect their right to be fundamentally physically and philosophically different, create only a self-fulfilling prophecy with can have no positive end.

Please learn to accept the New Economy, the “You Economy.” Please make an effort to learn that they are no threat, despite hip-hop culture and heavy metal culture being seemingly hostile, as individuals in their daily personal lives, they are not. They have found a medium to vent their frustrations, an economic medium nonetheless. They live among us, and we must live together if we are to CONTINUE living.

Accept that new ideas are happening every day. Support it in your community. Embrace it. Regardless of the industrial workers being replaced increasingly by robotic assemblage, the world will not move forward productively without the individual human mind, the entrepreneurial resource most profoundly responsible for all that you live with that you love, from the materialistic to the mechanical wonders that make your life easier and more enjoyable. Embrace the fact that these individuals have created, and will continue to create the technologies, be it biological or mechanical, that will enhance your lives throughout the years of your days. It is time to put down the burdens of the past and take up the torch of the future. And it is with the individual where this begins. Don’t support your local union, support your local entrepreneur. Support the development of these entrepreneurs and support the fact that you have them abounding within your own family and friendship circle; take the time to learn this and get to know them. Ask questions regarding a persons plans. Challenge them to find a path. Inquire when you see a person with creative potential and above all, embrace and support their endeavor, for this is the way the world profits, with the individual mind who thought to make something more specifically applied to free up time to enjoy life and benefit from the production of such ideas.

Scott David James

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