The Mold of Me (coded inquiry)

The Mold of Me (coded inquiry)
Scott David James
circa 2007

One day i was walking with the shadow of myself.
For a brief moment it was something i did regularly with myself.
But on this particular day I found again the worth of worldly beingness.

And from there sprung me.

I was physically no different from the me that was before that moment.
i wasn’t myself, for the ‘I’ had grown free of it’s hindering skins.

I had mended my scars within myself
With a good dose of reinforcement from the caring love of others, i had drawn the universe close to me.

Some of ‘them’ had been there all along.
Others were fleshly acquainted.
And there was a hand full of townspeople i had just discovered,
but had yet to recieve or be recieved by.

The people i had’ve met would have been pleasant…

The pleasantries were wrought from those past and present.
And are appreciated greatly, even in their most miniscule degrees…

The people i have, and had met, were and are taken pleasantly.

My appreciations run deep
an’are often discounted by others
or neglected divulgence by myself..

but as always,
i come back into my full circle and indulge myself in recognition’s.
A nod of the head as a grace and thank you.

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