I’m just a Rabbit

I’m just a Rabbit
Scott David James
circa 2005

I once sought to find emotion.

My heart is so hardened now
Still my soul flows like wine
But my heart, it stands still
The moment i might slip free a spark of what i genuinely feel inside.
It’s like pride, but not
It’s my ego

The weight i’ve known still grows.
Everytime a winding road would lead me
Now, not so easily swayed

Steer me down in a stampede of dreams
Each to crumble, shatter or fade
Away in the mist of thoughts that fog my heart

Every day is a struggle
To hold me
To hold you
Give myself freely
A tangled mind with an ingrained ceiling

My struggle is for feeling
Not that faint fire deep down aching to be weened by the slightest breeze

Unreluctantly falling into me
Freeing me
Seeing me
No, it’s the struggle to be ‘of this world’ that is lived around us; beyond us…without wanting to.

I can hear the whistle high above
The gentle breathe

Grab me tightly
Look as deep into my eyes as you can possibly find yourself allowed into them
Proclaim your love for me

Rise above me

I’ll fly to meet you in the sky
High above the doubt
Far beyond fear

I am not the dragon
nor the serpant

I’m no demon sent to haunt you
Neither an angel sent to save

I am not a dog
nor lion

Not the phoenix
and i’m not Icarus

I’m not the Sun sent to scorch the wings
Demanding you fly too high

I’m just a rabbit
A little bunny asking tragedy to please leave me alone.

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