Oblivious to Devils and Deceit

Oblivious to Devils and Deceit
Scott David James
circa 2006

I see your face in the twinkle that springs
from the moon
this night
as the cloud parts above me
and i’m shrouded by the tears of heaven
with reflections of you
cast through and upon me from afar.

How i long for your smile
in this moment,
your laughter and the rapture we create
when our midst are near.

Could it be such far fetched folly
to believe what once was
is rekindled?
Can it be a betrayal between the mind and heart?
Descending misinterperatation?


But the wonder of this moment has captured my soul none the less.
And here i stand
drenched and bathed
in the light of your love…..
exposed before angels and heaven…..
oblivious to devils and deceit…

What i feel is love….
Simple and complete.

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