The Expectation of the Recreation (an exercise in persuasive communication.)

The Expectation of the Recreation
Scott David James
Circa ongoing…

It’s the expectation of the recreation creating a constipation in violation of my human rights. Any hesitation to give in to this privation would result in justifying the foundation geared toward the realization of a negation of human desecration as criminal act.

I wonder if one could trace the transition toward this vision to a specific place and time and if, when they found it, the acquisition of this gem would then lead them into a decision to act in a manner that would precipitate a better rendition of our future.

But for now, we’ll have to deal with societies menstruation of the mind and pray or act towards the generation of libations leading to greater elation than what the current administrations allow.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve no reservation to declare I abhor placation. I do not seek vacation, just a solid substration for the mind.

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