Scott David James
Circa July 29, 2013

Today’s theme is love songs
You and me, we might have been brief
But who we are is eternal
A flame that dies and lights again
The sun who flares
Energy fades perceptively
Yet flows forth infinitely

You can’t fight who we are
You and me, we’ve never been brief
There was pain
And there was grief
But the wonder lasts
The flame ignites
Bursting forth definitively

Today’s life is here
The feeling pure
No games or grief
No complex motif
Almost ironic it’s so simple
How this universe of us
Functions like a thimble

No pin to prick the past
And bring that pain
Not again, this is now
Just the world for us
What begun in vain has reached somehow
This point in time
And I’m nonplussed

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