Noble Treatise

Noble Treatise
Scott David James
Circa 2012

How did you find the courage to be you
When through and through you knew
Of the shocking brew it wrought
Beyond your days and ways, amaze us all
For the blazes that it brought

But you held your ground
Not safe, but sound
A valiant war you waged with thought

A simple, humble, pious man
No need to be a firebrand
Who followed suit the fall of you?
Took up the torch with brilliant force

Of course the fallen have their spread
The men of malice
Different bred
Who’ve left their woes to Preacher’s stead

So these men, so different bred
Have led the walk of peace and sped
The sight they’d seen of self dispelled
Which left the world to fleece

The sight of this, which there compelled
Both men to take the streets
And led the world through life and fell
To days of Noble Treatise

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