Where’s all the Beautiful

Where’s all the Beautiful?
Scott David James
Circa 2012

Where’s all the Beautiful
Lord, it can’t be all gone
All the streams have changed
Yeah, the direction’s wrong

All the stars are turned on end
There’s no heart left inside me
No ear left to lend

All these cries are beside me
Begging me to break bread
Lord, I don’t know the faces have put me to bed

So I’m out here just walking
Taking in all this place
The expressions are mocking
Doesn’t change face to face

Oh, Lord, where is the pretty?
My God, it can’t all be gone
All these faces forsaking
Wonderin’ where it all went wrong

So, when is too much, Lord?
Yeah, what point is too far?
Is it too late to turn back?
Make a new start?

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