A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day
Scott David James
Circa June 2013

It’s seven o’clock
Friday night
The light fights to pass the rain
Enormous pain absorbing me
Woe the fight to keep it clean

Shame that stains and haunts us all
A soul a circus kept in thrall
When dreams will tend to thither fall
And all that seems a thoroughfare
Is bleak and broken, fallen pall

Now it’s ten
I’ve passed a week
Days grow longer without sleep
A mind enthralled by all I pine
I find my days are down to nine

Freedom seems a precipice
A stark and jagged, deadly cliff
Yet my soul is free of taxing price
I feel no fate bespoke to me
For which I fear or feel unclean

Bitterness is leaving me
Dawn is rising
Light is seen
Strength has grown possessed in me
Ebb and flow and what will be

I find I’m sated, blessed and calm
Body healing, growing strong
Faith and future growing long
Moving forward without qualms
No fear to face the frenzied throngs

So nothing’s been for want or waste
Six years went with a blinking pace
I look within and find no trace
Of conflict, fury, need to race
Free and clear, no saving face

This is mine
A Brand New Day
Light breaks free, defeated rain
The me that’s been within of late
Is that which is a natural state

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