The Me I used to Be (Rebirthing)

The Me I used to Be (Rebirthing)
Scott David James
Circa 2012

Shadows swirling all about me
All abut me
All are but me
Shadows dancing, taunting me

Wading, wanting free of me
Waiting, wanting things to be

Shadows swirling, watching me
They’re all me
But I can’t see
Reality is gone from me
Replaced by what I want to be
And what I want is far from free
Far from what I’d want from me

Shadows whirling
Dizzying speed
Clinging to my dismal need
A madness growing from a seed
Like a sapling sprouting from a weed

I want me back
Can’t have me, you, I want to be
A new beginning bumbling
Hello, I’m me. I used to be.

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