Whip me Wonder

Whip me Wonder
Scott David James
Circa 2012
Revised August 3, 2013

Well, whip me, make me wait
Keep me humble in my gait
Watch me wander
Whipped by waves
Blasted days

So whip me wonder
Still my fate
Standing still now, slap my face
The Devil’s silence
Corrupting space

Patience is a past time
It’s past a point sublime
A measure of a point which
Predicates this rhyme
Present the paradigm

Standing still I see this place
A jaded tortured face of late
The people pay a pound of flesh
For debts of days they thought were fresh

Oh my, I’m wrong
Just ride along
We’ll right the song

Oh my, I’m right
How trite

And what would you venture these words would rate?
Do they flow and correlate?

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