Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Stinkin’ Thinkin’
Scott David James
Circa August 8, 2013

You’re drinkin’
And stinkin’
Your thinkin’s jacked up

Guffed up, cuffed up
Coupla days in jail
And an unexpected release

Now here you are
Drunk as fuck
And stuck in your funk

Blamin’ the man
Sayin you did what you can
But what you can’t ain’t on your mind

You’re convinced it’s the end
There’s no where to run
You’re under the gun

You’re lookin’ for reasons
Like it’s hurricane season
And you’re stuck in a canoe

You chose your vessel
Drove it drunk
Now your life is junk

You’re tryin’ to forget
Tryin’ to live it up
Tryin’ to convince me

You can’t convince you
And that’s the view
The only one that makes anew

But you won’t look
You closed your book
Just a chapter in everybody done me wrong

Peace, nigga! Good luck.

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