A Worthwhile Treat

A Worthwhile Treat
Scott David James
Circa August 11, 2013

You can fancy fools for sages
But such’s been for all the ages
Wicking wisdom with blank faces
Pawns for pennies, paupers wages

The key is bared to my locked heart
I’ve known it from the very start
You play the role of callous hard
Convince me to cut bait and part

The truth, my heart, it simply dwells
I’ve known it, lived it, oh so well
I’ve told you what I’ve thought and felt
So this time I’ll just ride the swell

Whatever folly fiends might sell
Who try to say that we can’t gel
Saying hands have been misdealt
Won’t settle less than wedding bells

The days are gone of never known
I’ve walked too long oblique, alone
For this to be a lonesome road
Ignore the cutting wicked tone

The day is ours
A budding flower
So dine with me, this fateful hour
We’ll flourish in the amorous power

Just come with me, we’ll drink and eat
Come sit with me, my Queen, your seat
Whatever love you think you need
Mine is true, a worthwhile treat

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