Kettle Ball (Shackles and Strength)

Kettle Ball (Shackles and Strength)
Scott David James
Circa 2013

My love was leaden, hard
My heart was holden nowhere
My soul was torn and tethered
Weathered, weary, wanting down

I never wanted nothing
The way I wanted you
My love was like a kettle ball
Wrapped in lead and welded chains

I wanted what I couldn’t have
Wanted what it was
I wasn’t what was worthy
My worth was worn and weary

You walked with me, up to the edge
And there I felt we’d found
The folly of my fathom
We rushed upon the ground

My heart was hardened, heavy
The beating is so very
So very, very loud
My pain was yours, too proud

My love was like a kettle ball
But now it just resounds
My love is just that kettle ball
Its strength is therewith found

Ten years this love’s fermented
I could never love you less
Than this love I have right now
And with this I must confess:

My words are true, no game
This heart is whole, no pain
My love is yours, no shame
My soul is bared, take aim

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