My 57th post comes on mom’s birthday. =)

So, You! parts only one and two, no more, was going to be posted until i got here and remembered i had been saving the 57th blog for a special occasion. Nice and fitting that it falls today, august 22, 2013

57 Natalie rd., gram’s house, was the only place constantly a thing in my life for the stretch of years i remember best. The only place. there never was a thing mucky about that house as far as i’d known. my memory for that is clear.

Now, a lot of things have happened in this family, The James Gang, as my sister Marie likes to put it, but it is what it be.

Yesterday i got my license, to drive, back again. 38 and had to take the written and driving test again. Quite a set-up they got there these days. And not like Texas, where they try to get you to park a white pick-up between two red stationary bars.

Was part of the test geared toward the region, because, as before God, when she told me to parallel park there where i knew the truck wouldn’t remotely go, i just backed in as close to the curb at the back of the parking lot as possible, to get my nose in the clear.

And i explained why i did it to her, before she could mark me a fail; i said something to the effect of, with the space you alotted, i parked in accordance with the existing of it’s structures. You asked me to park this truck between those two red poles. I parked this truck, that will be my daily driver, between the two red poles in a parking lot where the curb is only ten feet beyond the poles. If i were in a place and needed a space to park in a parking lot and this was the only way to facilitate it, i would park as such in a manner so as to not obstruct any walkways or traffic, endangering not only my vehicle, but someone elses.

And today it was my mom’s 69th birthday and she had to renew her license. I got to take her and hang out with her, if but for the brief moment of borrowing my nephew’s car and bringing it back by noon. And hanging out with mom is good with me. She’s been balancing precariously on a hip that should have been fixed. Not sure the reason why it’s not. Though, medical loopshots befuddle me. Everything’s good, everything’s bad all the time in that profession. Quacks. This part’s good, that’s bad. Everyone’s got issues and no one has answers. Some people pay attention, some don’t. Others honorable mention, some just place second.
tomatoes, tomahtoes
my people’s my family.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
And thank you everyone for everything.
Miss you gram! Thanks for bringing this blog together.
Love all of you.

Scott David James

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