Relegate – to move somebody or something to a less important position, category, or status; to banish somebody from a country or community; to pass something on to somebody for that person to deal with it or provide information about it; rel•e•ga•tion See rel•e•gate

The english language, it’s so intriguing. And everyone says it’s beguiling. But I’m constantly stuck being reminded how well the English language tends to relegate things; and how long it’s taken to feasibly condense it.

The condensation, I believe, occurred throughout the eighties and nineties. As did the sixty seventies. Fifty forties. Thirty twinkies. Etc. But in reverse order.

Relegation! What is it to you? Roll it around in your mouth a bit. Reh’lee’gay’shun. Has constricting, yet expanding narration potential.

Put a deep southern drawl on it and you get; re’lah’gaisha

Relegation =-/ to move somebody to something or an unrelated class. Kind of like subjugation. If it’s me watching the militaristic signs…

Relegation =-( to banish. Tha’s pretty self-x-planetory, huh.

Relegation =-) pass something on to someone so that person can get you the pertinent information and material list. Kind of like delegation :=\ a group of people chosen to represent or act on behalf of somebody.

I’ve witnessed and been at fault of, and fortunate to have been a part of many forms of relegation. I am a survivor and a lover of life. I like liberties and pursuit of happiness. I like that worlds can be communal potpourris. I’m glad at the people who’ve relegated migrating potential and the easing of dead leaf control. I’m glad that the Pirates are doing so well. And I’m glad it’s football season and I hope people can beat me after having been relegated to my drafting their stacked teams. ;)Good Luck, Famleague.

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